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Disclaimer :Results may vary from person to person and the amount of PRP Hair Treatment.​

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP treatment(Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy for hair fall is a non surgical procedure which is applied to increase the thickness of hair, re-growth of new hair or hair restoration. This PRP hair treatment for hair loss solution is applied to them who are facing low thickness of hair or in the hair loss phase up to IV. This stimulates the factors that affect the hair growth or the follicles which are newly implemented.  


At the first phase of PRP treatment blood is drawn from the persons own body and then it goes for centrifugation in which by centrifugal force PRP is separated the plasma and red blood cells. After the separation of PRP it is injected into the scalp with low hair density or where it is need to apply to increase the growth of hair. This PRP treatment for hair fall is safe in the way that as it involves injection of your own blood, so you are not at the risk of getting infected from any communicable disease. At Dr. Paul’s Hair and Skin Clinic strict procedure is followed to complete the entire process under control and ensure the high quality results.

The Clinical Advantages of PRP Treatment Dr. Paul’s Clinic

PRP treatment is a safe and effective therapy provided by Dr. Paul’s Hair Fall and Skin Treatment Clinic for those who have started suffering hair loss, or hair thinning. It is best effective at early stage of hair loss problem. The plasma which is injected into the scalp contains rich growth factors which make strong and healthy hair. Depending on the condition of alopecia this PRP Hair loss Treatment in Noida is generally performed once in a month.

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