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What causes hair loss & Hair loss treatment?


This kind of hair loss is caused among both men and women and is considered to be the most common reason of hair loss & hair fall treatment in Noida across the world. In men and women, it is known as men pattern hair loss and women pattern hair loss, respectively. The inherited genes cause the hair follicles to blench which results in stopping the hair growth.


With changes in one’s age, hair follicles lead in the slow growth of hair leading to thinning of hair on the scalp. Moreover, the color of the hair is also lost along with slow hair growth.

Alopecia areata

A disease called as Alopecia areata is developed in which the hair follicles are attacked by the immune system of the body leading to hair loss. One can los the hair anywhere on the body including eyebrows or eyelashes.

Cancer treatment

Due to chemotherapy or any kind of radiation exposed to neck or head of a person, all or most of the hair is lost at the initial phase of the treatment or within a few weeks.

Illness, childbirth or various other stressors

One may notice large amount of hair on the pillow or brush just after recovery from illness or after giving birth. Sometimes it may also happen due to stress in life. Polycystic ovary syndrome is the common cause for hormonal imbalance, also known as PCOS, which results in the development of cysts on the ovaries of a woman. This may also include hair loss, apart from various other signs. Hormonal imbalance can also be due to taking birth control pills and the woman having this kind of imbalance can tend to have hair loss.

Scalp infection

The scalp of the person may get inflamed or scaly resulting in scalp infection. This infection can be visible in the form of black dots that are appeared on the scalp which can actually be considered as the stubs of hair.

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Side effects due to medication can also be the reason for hair loss. It is essential to talk to the doctor from whom one is taking medication before stopping it as precipitously stopping the medication can result in severe health related issues. 

Scalp psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis is developed on the scalp of some people at some point which finally leads in the loss of hair. 

Scarring alopecia

The condition of scarring alopecia develops when the air follicles get destroyed due to inflammation. Once it is destroyed, the growth is permanently stopped by the hair follicle.

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Sexually transmitted infection

Hair loss can also be due to STI when is not treated at the right time. Patchy kind of hair loss can be caused due to syphilis on the beard, scalp or eyebrows or any where on the body part.

Tight hairstyles

Sometimes pulling your hair back or tightening it with a rubber band can also results in the permanent hair loss. The medical name given to this problem is traction alopecia.

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